Tropez Case Study


In 2020, Tropez Official was founded by a young entrepreneur – Lucas Yazdanfar at the age of 18. Not long after the first clothing launch, Lucas crossed paths with his soon to be business partner – Niko Clarke, who was one of the first customers of Tropez Official and really bought into the vision and potential of the brand.

These two like minded individuals have maintained tunnel vision to date and have worked tirelessly to get Tropez Official to where it is today and we at Profit Driven Marketing are proud to say that we’ve accompanied them from the very beginning of their journey.


We started working with Tropez in February of 2021, up until this point, everything they had achieved with regards to revenue had been done organically. Paid advertising was something that they had no experience in.

During our initial discovery call, Tropez advised us (as many businesses do) that they wanted to generate more revenue and that they believed paid advertising would be the best place to start.


The solution starts by first identifying the problems. The first thing we did was audit their business, although there was no existing advertising spend to analyse, getting a complete overview of their business allowed us to identify opportunities for growth. During this audit, we noticed many holes in their foundation (as you would expect when auditing a start-up).




Email Marketing (or lack of)



Traffic Sources



The Results

We officially onboarded Tropez Official in February 2021. Within 2 years of working together, we were able to achieve these results, October 2023 – December 2023.

When compared to the same 3 months performance (October 2021 -December 2021) prior to onboarding.

The Results in Numbers:

The past 3 months performance (October 2021 – December 2021) prior to onboarding.

The past 3 months performance (October 2023 – December 2023) post onboarding.

What’s Next:


Diversifying budget into additional traffic sources such as Tik Tok to maximise reach and revenue achieved from advertising efforts. Introducing the likes of Tik Tok shop to allow for influencers to broadcast products, generating more reach and demand.


Maintaining above £200,000 in consistent monthly revenue and continuing to scale with the introduction of new product launches. Expansion into additional European regions such as Germany, France, Spain and Holland.


Branding & Awareness – focusing more on a top of funnel (TOF) approach rather than direct to sale. In an effort to build more brand credibility and footprint in the clothing industry. Further maximising revenue overtime.

Here’s how we can help you:

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What’s the catch?

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