The Tap Specialist – Case Study

Client Background:

  • Struggling to achieve consistency with Google Ads
  • Unclear on the best next steps for the business
  • Challenges in getting Google Shopping campaigns to function correctly
  • Minimal understanding on best techniques for optimization

Client Results Before On-Boarding

Ad Spend: £945.55

Revenue: £12.8k

ROAS: 1350%

Aquisition Cost: £41.11

Our Objectives

Our goal with this client was to first, maximise profitability and reduce wasted spend. Then to maximise revenue by scaling with a strong foundation.


  • Shopping campaign negative list optimisation so we can funnel search terms better

  • Budget distribution where there are greater levels of intent

  • Introducing Klaviyo Email marketing – previously not utilising email marketing

  • Setting up additional campaigns setup such as:

  • Dynamic remarketing campaign – following users across the web with the product they recently visited

  • Branded search text campaign – ensuring we are able to complete the full user journey

  • Dynamic search text campaign – allowing us to dynamically target website URLs based on search terms similar to the content on-site

Month 1 - Performance Overview

50% Reduction in Ad Spend

135% Increase in MER (Blended ROAS)

12% Reduction in acquisition cost

Overall cutting out wasted spend and maximising profitability.


Month 2 - Performance Overview

112% Increase in Online Sales

103% Increase in Spend

4% Lift In MER (Whilst Scaling!)

Scaling results during month 2 allowed us to 2x revenue and maintain a consistent blended ROAS.

Performance Since Onboarding

120% Increase in Online Sales

64% Increase in Blended ROAS

32% Decrease in Acquisition Cost

Overall we was able to maximise revenue for this client whilst reducing there acquisition cost.

Next steps for this client will be continuing to maximise revenue, whilst maintaining a consistent ROAS.

BONUS - Email Marketing Results

Attributing to 22% Of Total Revenue!

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