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For over 22 years, RPM Power has been at the forefront of providing high-quality strengthening and rehabilitation products to customers worldwide. What began in 1998 as ‘Powerball,’ with a singular focus on gyroscopic wrist exercises, evolved into a dynamic journey of innovation and expansion. In 2012, RPM Power introduced ‘Powerspin,’ a best-selling isometric exercise device that revolutionised complete upper-body strengthening.

As the global home fitness market experienced exponential growth, RPM Power seized the opportunity to diversify its product range. Driven by an unwavering commitment to quality, the company embarked on an exciting trajectory, introducing a comprehensive collection of full-body exercise products and venturing into the creation of its innovative range of fitness solutions.

Amidst this evolution, RPM Power has remained true to its roots as a tightly run family business. With a dedicated team of just 18 employees, RPM Power proudly operates from the charming town of Thurles, Co. Tipperary, nestled in the heart of Ireland. This strong connection to their Irish heritage is reflected in every aspect of the company’s operations, from the personable and attentive customer service to the warm and friendly shopping experience they offer to valued customers.


We first contacted RPM Power in April of 2023, up until this point, they had done a fantastic job of managing their Google Ad campaigns in-house, utilising most of Google’s available channels – Shopping, Search and Display. Although Google’s shift from Smart Shopping to Performance Max (PMAX) had left them unsure on exactly how to best optimise unknown territory. Which meant that the PMAX campaign had been set up once, initially and thereafter had not been optimised.

Outside of the Google Ad account, we believe the issue that was preventing their team from truly understanding and optimising PMAX was a lack of time. Ultimately, preventing them from spending their time to continue to better their Google Ads knowledge.

During our initial discovery call, RPM Power advised us (as many businesses do) that they wanted to maximise the profitability of their paid advertising campaigns, by either increasing revenue or reducing advertising spend (ultimately, increasing the return on advertising spend (ROAS).


The solution starts by first identifying the problems. The first thing we did was audit their Google advertising account, which allowed us to identify opportunities for growth within their advertising campaigns. We segmented our suggestions by campaign type, which was as follows:

Performance Max (PMAX) Campaigns



Manual Shopping Campaigns



Search Campaigns



Display Campaigns



The Results


We officially onboarded RPM Power on the 1st of May 2023. Within 90 days of managing their Google advertising campaigns, we were able to achieve these results, May 23 – July 23.

When compared to the past 3 months performance (Feb 23 – April 23) prior to onboarding.

The Results in Numbers:

The past 3 months performance (Feb 23 – April 23) prior to onboarding.

RPM post-onboarding

Results from the first 90 days after onboarding.

What’s Next:


Continuing to scale revenue month over month (€10,000 – €20,000 in additional revenue), whilst maintaining a strong ROAS (greater than the previous average of 579%).


Continued focus on analysing the profit potential of each product (being mindful of sales and discounts), to allow for optimisation around profit as opposed to revenue.


Introducing new product lines throughout the year where the brand continues to expand its product range, analysing the market to ensure the Client is competitive with regards to price.


Segmentation of products, identifying those that are performing poorly to determine potential areas of improvement and those that are top performers to maximise results further.


Expansion into video and image based networks such as Youtube, Discovery & Display. With a specific focus on the higher ticket products, providing greater awareness by introducing touch points on multiple networks in a bid to increase conversion rate.


Expanding into additional paid channels (Meta) to further scale the brands reach and profit potential.

Here’s how we can help you:

My team of senior account managers and I will conduct a FREE AUDIT of your business, analysing your ad account and backend processes.

We’ll provide you with a step-by-step roadmap, that shows you EXACTLY what to change to make your Google Ads Conversions and ROI EXPLODE in the next 90 days.

What’s the catch?

There is none. We offer this free audit as a way of demonstrating how our expertise can scale your business. All we ask is that you consider implementing our suggestions to increase your revenue and ROAS.

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