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Recommerce IT, a subsidiary of Green IT Disposal Ltd established in 2010, exemplifies innovation in sustainable technology solutions. As a certified Green IT specialist, the company focuses on the environmentally responsible disposal and recycling of outdated IT equipment. This commitment extends to ensuring secure data destruction and certification, emphasising a balance between ecological responsibility and data security. Recommerce IT’s operations are rooted in a robust ecommerce platform, built upon over 25 years of industry expertise, offering a secure and ethical solution for managing the life cycle of redundant IT equipment.

As the global home fitness market experienced exponential growth, RPM Power seized the opportunity to diversify its product range. Driven by an unwavering commitment to quality, the company embarked on an exciting trajectory, introducing a comprehensive collection of full-body exercise products and venturing into the creation of its innovative range of fitness solutions.

Amidst this evolution, RPM Power has remained true to its roots as a tightly run family business. With a dedicated team of just 18 employees, RPM Power proudly operates from the charming town of Thurles, Co. Tipperary, nestled in the heart of Ireland. This strong connection to their Irish heritage is reflected in every aspect of the company’s operations, from the personable and attentive customer service to the warm and friendly shopping experience they offer to valued customers.


The solution starts by first identifying the problems. The first thing we did was audit their Google advertising account, which allowed us to identify opportunities for growth within their advertising campaigns. We segmented our suggestions by timeframe, which were as follows:

Outside of the Google Ad account, we believe the issue that was preventing their team from truly understanding and optimising PMAX was a lack of time. Ultimately, preventing them from spending their time to continue to better their Google Ads knowledge.

During our initial discovery call, RPM Power advised us (as many businesses do) that they wanted to maximise the profitability of their paid advertising campaigns, by either increasing revenue or reducing advertising spend (ultimately, increasing the return on advertising spend (ROAS).


The solution starts by first identifying the problems. The first thing we did was audit their Google advertising account, which allowed us to identify opportunities for growth within their advertising campaigns. We segmented our suggestions by campaign type, which was as follows:

Weeks 1-4 (August 2023): Setting The Foundation

  • Fault finding existing conversion tracking problems, introducing new optimised conversion tracking to ensure but online and offline conversions are being passed back to Google.
  • Google Merchant Center feed optimisation to improve the product feed quality.
  • Brand and product type data analysis, reviewing brand and product types performance to identify top performers and potential growth opportunities.
  • Negative keyword development, building a list of negative keywords to prevent irrelevant ad placements, increasing overall campaign efficiency.
  • Campaign segmentation by product type, brands, or other relevant criteria to target specific customer segments more effectively.

Weeks 5-8 (September 2023): Initial Campaign Optimisation

  • Campaign structure and segmentation, building a strong foundation for campaign structure, focusing on detailed segmentation to cater to specific audience interests and behaviours.
  • Optimising ROAS targets, adjustments were made to set suitable ROAS targets, increasing in some campaigns and decreasing in others based on performance analytics, to maximise advertising efficiency.
  • Ad spend and revenue maximisation, a consistent ad spend of £250 per day was maintained, with a focus on maximising the ROAS and overall revenue.
  • Identifying successful campaign elements, analysis of campaign data was conducted to identify successful elements, particularly in terms of brands and product price brackets, and these insights were used for further campaign segmentation.
  • Further campaign segmentation and dynamic remarketing, separate campaigns for top-performing search terms were created, and dynamic remarketing and branded search text campaigns were introduced to re-engage visitors, enhancing the chances of conversion.

Weeks 9-12 (October 2023): Advanced Optimisation & Expansion

  • Campaign migration and segmentation, transitioning away from the existing Recommerce IT campaigns to those created by Profit Driven Marketing, focusing on effective segmentation, especially for brands, using custom labels for deeper insights.
  • Optimising using price brackets, adjusting bidding strategies to focus more on higher-priced items, leveraging the data to increase profitability.
  • Search term analysis and expansion, conducting an in-depth analysis of top-performing search terms and creating specific search text campaigns for additional networks, thereby broadening the campaign reach and improving overall performance.

Display Campaigns



The Results

We officially onboarded Recommerce IT on the 15th of October 2023. Within 90 days of managing their Google advertising campaigns, we were able to achieve these results, August 15th 2023 – November 15th 2023.

When compared to the past 3 months performance (May 23 – July 23) prior to onboarding.

The Results in Numbers:

Results prior to Onboarding:


Ad Spend (G/Ads)

Rev. (G/Ads)

ROAS (G/Ads)

Rev. Webflow 

ROAS (Blended)

























Results since Onboarding:


Ad Spend (G/Ads)

Rev. (G/Ads)

ROAS (G/Ads)

Rev. Webflow 

ROAS (Blended)


£8,645 (-10%)



£47,943 (+25%)

554% (+38%)


£7,212 (-32%)



£49,596 (+28%)

687% (+71%)


£6,913 (-37%)



£61,735 (+60%)

893% (+123%)

November (MTD)












What’s Next:


Scaling to £100,000 in monthly recurring revenue and beyond, continuing to develop structure within the Google advertising account tailored to this revenue goal, whilst also taking into consideration the capacity of the internal team at Recommerce IT.


Implementation of profit tracking software to allow us to accurately track true profit, enabling further maximisation of profit potential whilst continuing to scale the business..


Increase reach by introducing search text campaigns, utilising the Search network to access additional market segments.


Optimise product titles and GTIN’s for enhanced product listing accuracy and maximised visibility on the Shopping network.


Continuing to build on the existing relationship with Recommerce IT,  through regular in-person meetings, ensuring effective collaboration and alignment of marketing efforts.

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